Jorinde Chang

Jorinde Chang 1976-


2006-2008 倫敦大學國王學院(King’s College London)
文化創意產業碩士(MA Cultural and Creative Industries)
2004-2005 倫敦西敏寺大學(University of Westminster, London)
外交翻譯口譯碩士(MA Interpretation, Translation and Diplomacy)
2000-2004 倫敦坎伯威爾藝術學院(Camberwell College of Arts, the London Institute, London)
視覺藝術學士(陶瓷組)(BA (Hons) Visual Arts- Ceramics)
2003 倫敦皮特曼商職中心(Pitman Training Centre, London)
2002 倫敦語言機構(Institute of Linguists, London)
1999-2000 巴黎藝術技術學院(Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques (College of Arts and Techniques), Paris)
1998 巴黎第三大學(Universitée de la Sorbonne (Sorbonne University), Paris)
1997 英國肯特藝術設計學院(Kent Institute of Art and Design, Maidstone, UK)
* 2010《2010台北藝術博覽會》王朝大酒店、台北(Young Art Taipei 2010, Sunworld Dynasty, Taipei)
* 2009《GEISAI TAIWAN》華山文化創意園區、台北(GEISAI TAIWAN, Hwa Shang 1914, Taipei)
* 2009《夜曲》CIAO畫廊、美國懷俄明州(Nocturnes, CIAO Gallery, Wyoming)
* 2009《12x12x122》 BECA畫廊、美國紐澳良(12x12x122, The BECA Gallery, New Orleans)
* 2004 倫敦藝術設計展(The London Art and Design Show)
* 2004《LO.ST》坎伯威爾藝術學院優秀畢業生聯展 巴黎藝術高等學校-王宮藝廊(LO.ST, Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts, Paris, Palais Royal, Paris)
【Was invited as part of a team of 11 students selected from over 200 Camberwell graduates that year. 】
* 2004 坎伯威爾藝術學院畢業個展(Degree Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London)
* 2002 坎伯威爾藝術學院跨年展(End of Year Exhibition, Camberwell College of Arts, London)
* 2002《Home Sweet Home》 Centenary畫廊、倫敦(Home Sweet Home, Centenary Gallery, London)
* 2002《Beach Coma》PowerStation咖啡館、倫敦(Beach Coma, PowerStation Café, London)
* 2001《FT A&B》 決勝者展、倫敦國家劇院(Finalist Exhibition, National Theatre, London)
* 2001 坎伯威爾藝術學院跨年展(End of Year Exhibition, Camberwell College of Arts, London)
* 1999 巴黎ESAT展(Expo ESAT, ESAT com, Paris)

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